5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash for Summer

Summer is already upon us as we get ready for the heat. Are you ready to make some money using the heat as a catalyst? If you have just graduated from college, going to college, a teacher, or still a high school student, you are going to have a long summer ahead of you with not much to do. If you don’t find a way to earn extra cash, then you will be so bored for the summer. In fact, finding ways to earn extra money during the summer could work out to become a business venture for the future. Among the five ideas below, some will be easy to implement right away.

1. Go Towards the Heat
You can visit some public places where people congregate during the summer. It could be a park, baseball field, beach, or even busy corner of the street. You could even hang out at with bottled water, visors, sports drink, battery-operated fans and inexpensive sunglasses. You could check to see if you needed any government permits to do so.

What you may need: A vehicle, large cooler, ice, cases of water and sports drinks, a dozen visors and sunglasses and a dozen of the battery-operated fans.

2. Property Landscaping and Lawn Care
You don’t have to be an expert to do landscaping and lawn care in your neighbor’s yard. Most neighbors need lawn care at least every two weeks. An expert lawn care specialist may be too expensive for many of your neighbors or may want to secure a contract with the homeowner to mow the lawn on a regular basis. This could be one of those expenses that the homeowner does not want to incur. So why not offer this service with a lower price and no contract? You would offer the homeowner the savings needed to pay for something that is necessary, but an affordable cost. Drive around the neighborhood to see if any property looks like it needs to be mowed. Make flyers and leave at the residence. While lawn care might be hard work, it can make you some decent money at low cost.

What you need: A lawn mower, trimmer, clippers, blower, transportation and gas can.

3. Pet Sitting or House Sitting
During the summer, many people go on vacation and for that reason, may need someone to watch the house and the pets, drop off and collect the mail and other menial duties. You could probably do this for two weeks at a time until the family comes back from vacation, then you move on to the next vacation family.

Things you need: Create flyers to advertise your service. Pass it around the neighborhood and possibly put an ad in the local classifieds. You will also need transportation to travel from one home to the next.

4. Car Detailing
Most people are sticklers for convenience. For this reason, they don’t mind paying an affordable cost to have their vehicles detailed. Many people will have you come to their home to provide that service instead of driving across town to have it done.

Things you may need: Leave your business cards on the windshield of vehicle owners, transportation, and portable vacuum, sponges, cleaning supplies and chamois or towels.

5. Tutoring Kids
If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, tutoring could be a good idea. Many kids need to catch up on missed school work and need help with some of the subjects. Those parents will love it if their kids had something to do with school while on summer vacation, preparing them for the upcoming school year.

What you need: Local ads, textbooks, and a location to hold group classes. and a facility, if you want to do group classes.

You only need a minimal budget to get started with any of the business ideas above. Think it through to decide how you can leverage your skills to earn extra cash. It could give you a tidy sum.

 5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash for Summer

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