The cost of living in the New Mexico city of Lovington is lower at 17.80% compared to the US average. The unemployment rate in the city is also comparatively lower at 3.4% than the national average of 6.3%. In other words, most of the residents in Lovington get gainful employment throughout the year. Going by this logic, it can be assumed that the people here have a constant source of income to lead a financially independent life. Despite these indicators, the residents of this beautiful city like other American cities, sometimes confront unexpected situations when all of a sudden the requirement of immediate cash is strongly felt. However, the smart residents are quite capable enough to easily get rid of financial crisis since they know an emergency facility of loan is readily available in their neighborhood.

A title loan has gained wider acceptance in Lovington as a short term emergency loan because it enables people to raise quick cash to cover any unexpected or unplanned expenses. The origin of this loan can be traced back to 1990s in the US. Initially the use of a car title loan was confined to just a few selected states. It soon gained immense momentum across the US. In Lovington, car title loan is considered as a powerful financial tool, which doubles as a perfect alternative to deal with all financial emergencies as compared to the traditional way of loan lending.

What is a title loan?

A title loan is a short-term secured loan, which can be easily obtained by using the title of a vehicle as collateral. Hence this loan is known by different names such as an auto title loan, a pink-slip loan, title pledge, title pawn, or a vehicle title loan. The loan amount is determined by considering the value or equity in a prospective borrower’s vehicle. The loan approval process is so simple that you (as a borrower) don’t need to wait for more than an hour to get quick cash in your pocket or the mode of loan transfer you mention at the time of signing a title loan contract.

Livingston Title Loan Vs. Traditional Bank Loan

When we compare benefits of these two sources of credit, one would certainly go for the title loan. First of all, a Livingston title loan never discourages cash-strapped people, who are starkly rejected by the conventional lenders on the ground of their poor credit score. The title lenders welcome all – customers with good and bad and even no credit history. Where the traditional lenders verify a bulk of documents before approving a loan without any guarantee of loan approval, the title loan companies simply check one thing i.e.; the title of your vehicle. If you possess a lien-free vehicle title, then the loan will be approved within just a few minutes. Thanks to this amazing advantage of the title loan, the customers are now able to reduce their dependence on banks or credit unions for loans.


Vehicle title loan works as a unique financial solution, providing you with immense support during both your good and bad times. With this hassle-free facility of loan, you can easily fulfill a host of financial obligations like:

● Payment of emergency hospital bills
● Marriage anniversary celebration
● Admission fees of your kids
● Paying credit card dues
● Meeting Travel expenses
● Purchase of a gadget
● Home renovation

Why Should You Consider Lovington Title Loan?

The title loan industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Lovington, New Mexico. The title lenders continue to win the confidence of the people in the city. As a customer, you have a number of good reasons to opt for title loans. Some of them are as follows:

● Cash in your pocket in less than 30 minutes
● Confidential to personal information
● Loan amount up to $10,000
● Flexible repayment options
● No check on credit score
● No prepayment penalty
● Lower interest rates
● All vehicles eligible
● Refinance option
● Less paperwork

Title Loan Rules And Regulations In Lovington

The title loan companies operate in the city strictly complying with the federal and state laws.

● The New Mexican government has enacted the New Mexico Small Loan Act of 1955 §58-15-1 NMSA 1978 to regulate the operations of title lenders in the state.
● No title lender can operate in Lovington without submitting an initial and annual license application to the Director of the Financial Institutions Division.
● According to Federal Fair Debt collection Practices Act enforced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other Federal Agencies, the lenders should not use any misleading trade practices while collecting loans.
● The lenders must respect the privacy of the customers. They cannot give a phone call to a customer before 8 am or after 9 pm to discuss anything related to the loan.
● While talking to the customers, the loan companies should not use abusive language.

Important Contacts For Reporting Fraud

At any point in time, if you find your lender has cheated, defrauded or misled, misbehaved with you, you can contact:

Lea County Sheriff’s Office

● Address: 1417 S Commercial St, Lovington, NM 88260, United States
● Phone: +1 575-396-3611
● You can also file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General