You’ve found yourself in one of the following situations in Sante Fe:
· recently laid-off without warning
· unable to find work
· hospitalized and unable to work
· hit by an expected accident
· in a revolving debt cycle

If any of these situations sounds like you –you are not alone because there are others just like you who feel the weight of these situations. Of course, such situations are out of your control, but now you must find a solution which makes it all even more unfair. No one else will solve your money issues, it’s up to you and only you to get out of this mess.

So how will you do it?
Ask a family member or a friend? No, you’ve exhausted that route already or they are unable to help because they have money problems of their own.

Pawn your goods again? No, dealing with pawn shops is exhausting and often times they don’t give customers they money they deserve.

Apply for a bank loan? No, bank loans are notorious for demanding mountains of paperwork and making customers wait and at the end of the day, or weeks, there is only rejection.

Title Loan Help in New Mexico

It’s rather unbelievable that there are hardly any options for hard-working Americans like yourself. It’s unfair, cruel, and the truth is the government isn’t doing much about the situation. Who’s out there fighting for financial freedom or more access to funds for the average American? Who’s out there looking for new ways people can obtain funds on a last-minute, emergency notice? While there are groups fighting the good fight, these things take time. In the meantime, you need a solution today.

You’re solution is easy, stress-free, and quick. Title loans Santa Fe can get you back on your feet again and help you out of your situation. How? Keep reading to learn more about title loans details, benefits, and how they work.

Title Loan Details
To obtain standard loans, a list of documentation is required; from bank account statements to references to credit scores. But not with title loans. Title loans require three pieces of documentation to complete the application.

Here are the title loan requirements.
1. A car title in the case of ownership. Car payment receipts in the case of a car that’s nearly paid off.
2. A valid state or government-issued photo ID that proves the client is over 18.
3. A completed and signed title loan application that is shorter and easier than any job application.

Title Loan Benefits
Title loans do not require credit checks because the loan amount is based on the car’s value and not the client’s past. Most title loans will earn from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars; the standard practice is up to 75% of the car’s equity. Therefore, clients with no credit, bad credit, and bankruptcy on file are welcome to apply and most, if not all, have wonderful success.

Title loans do not make customers wait. Lenders know that each customer has a unique case, but most of the cases are under time constraints. For this reason alone, the average waiting period for a title loan is between 24-48 hours.

Title loans cater to the client by providing excellent customer service. The free car quote is complimentary, lenders are caring and efficient, and each title loan has several options for payment plans. Title loans focus on client’s satisfaction and because of this title loans are growing in popularity.

Title Loan Process

  • Clients will first receive a free car quote to evaluate the condition of the car. The team of car professionals will get the most up-to-date estimate by using the Kelley Blue Book as a reference.
  • Clients will meet with the title loan lender to discuss the contract agreement and decide on which payment plan is best suited for the client. Lenders are extremely successful in helping each and every client who walks through the door.
  • Clients will finally go to a convenient location where the title loan can be obtained. In some cases in as little as 24 hours and in others up to 48 hours.